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Capitol Hill Block Party 2018

Another year of solid music and dancing around the streets of Capitol Hill! Last weekend, my boyfriend and I ventured to Saturday of Capitol Hill Block Party which is centered on Pike St. between Broadway & 12th. I use to live right by CHBP where you could run between seeing artists you loved and having a lawn party with friends a few blocks away. Unfortunately those days are over, but I still love attending for the music and ambiance that fills my favorite Seattle neighborhood.

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Sunday Funday at SoulCycle!

My ideal girls party happened! Thirteen of my closest friends and I went to SoulCycle South Lake Union (SLUN) on Sunday to get our sweat on! I've loved going to SoulCycle in Bellevue since it opened early last year, and was thrilled they opened a second location in South Lake Union a few months ago. I live in Seattle, so this easier commute makes it that much simpler to get to class.

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Reformer Pilates in Seattle

Ahh, one of my favorite topics! Pilates! As you likely know, Pilates is one of my favorite ways to exercise (check out my other favorites here and spin!) and I particularly love reformer Pilates since it's a bit less grueling, is fun to lie down, and always challenges a new muscle.

Reformer Pilates uses a "carriage" aka machine with springs on it to work your body against tension, targeting major muscle groups including legs, glutes, arms and core. The machine can make classes seem intimidating, but once you've taken your first class, it all makes a lot more sense! 

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Getting Pampered in Seattle

This past weekend we attended the most beautiful wedding of two of our friends down in Malibu, CA. Since it was both an extended weekend trip and special event, I wanted to get dolled up! The weekend before we left, I booked three appointments to get pampered: hair, nails and lashes. I brought you along on my Instagram Stories for the fun few days! Here is a quick post recapping what I asked for and services I received.

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Birthday Celebrations at Golden Gardens

It's hard to believe another year has passed! What a great year it's been though! In addition to starting this blog, I've accomplished so many personal goals, traveled to beautiful places and spent time with those I love the most. 

Last month was my birthday, so celebrations were in order! In addition to some family dinners, we celebrated with a big BBQ at Golden Gardens! With tons of food, rosé and spike ball, my friends and I spent the evening outdoors!

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Where to Workout in Seattle with ClassPass

The other day I hit 280 taken classes on ClassPass! It's an arbitrary number, but it represents the past few years of working out regularly and finding new fitness interests. I'm here to share my favorite studios and classes to take around Seattle. I also love taking classes when I travel, so comment below if you'd like to see a post about my favorite spots in other cities (that aren't offered here in Seattle)! For a $30 credit, check out this link.

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Bar Melusine

One day I'll get into my Instagram location deep dives here on the blog. Until then, let's just say I've seen Bar Melusine countless times from bloggers around Seattle. 

Bright, turquoise and French, there's not much more one could ask for aesthetically out of a restaurant. My friend Neha and I headed to Capitol Hill after work one day for a quick bite. Having seen Bar Melusine, I knew we had to check it out for ourselves. We ordered a cheese plate and sat back, recapping our day at work.

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The Fat Hen

Weekends call for brunch! My aunt recently moved back to Seattle from Bahrain where she was living for the past few years. Since returning, it's given me an additional brunch-mate, which I'm ecstatic about! 

Saturday morning, we headed to The Fat Hen in Ballard. With only a few tables, there's always a mob of patrons waiting out front. Luckily, The Fat Hen is across the street from a quaint coffee shop and bakery - Honore Artisan Bakery, making the wait go by quickly with a great cup of coffee. I didn't get one, but there was a ham and cheese croissant at Honore that looked so fluffy and delicious! That's on my list for next time. 

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Where to get a Mani/Pedi in Seattle

It's hard to go a few blocks in Seattle without spotting a nail salon. I've broken down my favorites to save you a few trips! Doing my own nails at home never looks as good - how are you supposed to paint your dominant hand?! This question has stumped me since youth. 

Getting my nails done is definitely a treat, and I love getting both a mani and pedi, mostly for the massage chair! I go with shellac on my fingers since it doesn't chip and generally has a more consistent look while they're on. My nails do grow quickly, so shellac grows out in about a week and a half for me. 

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Beneath Seattle + The London Plane

I've lived in Seattle the majority of my life, but somehow had never done an Underground Tour. My dad gave me a book about the history of Seattle's topography for Christmas, and it inspired my cousin and I to finally take the tour to learn more about our city!

If you have no idea what an Underground Tour is, I don't blame you. I had heard about it and had an idea of what it was... but let me share what I learned. 

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SoulCycle Bellevue

It's finally here! Since first trying SoulCycle at a pop up shop in Park City for Sundance, I've been waiting for it to come to Seattle! I frequent FlyWheel a decent amount, but I love that SoulCycle doesn't use RPMs or resistance as your metric to keep up throughout class, but goes by the song beat. I find this less distracting than focusing on making sure I'm within a certain range every few seconds. 

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Pressed Juicery Freezes

I love a good juice, so when I first saw that Pressed Juicery was 1 | coming to Seattle and 2 | has freezes (frozen juices with toppings aka healthy froyo), I couldn't wait to try it! 

My cousin and I went downtown for some window shopping a few weekends ago, and had to pick up freezes despite it being barely 40*F outside. We headed to Westlake Center and found the little shop tucked in the back. Half of the back wall was juice-filled refrigerators and the other half looked like a froyo shop wall, housing the freezes. My cousin opted for the fruit flavored base. 

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