Woodinville Wine Tasting


For my Dad's birthday, we headed to Woodinville to wine taste! Woodinville is about 30 minutes North-East of Seattle with tons of wineries and tasting rooms! With the autumn leaves changing color, it was the perfect time to visit where we could still enjoy the brisk air and sit outside.

Our first stop was Novelty Hill Januik which is my favorite architectural stop - with concrete walls and modern lines. 


My boyfriend Brian and I have the Passport to Woodinville which allows us to get a tasting at most of the wineries. Each tasting is around 3-5 wines, so a great deal! I heard they may not be offering them in future years, which would be too bad. 

If you are going without a pass, most tastings are around $10 - $20 and a lot of times if you make a minimum wine purchase, the tasting fee will be counted toward your spend.


Januik has wood-fired pizzas, so I love stopping there for great wine and a bite! Most wineries will also have a fridge with cheese, charcuterie and other goodies for purchase, so whether it's in the Fall or Summer, it can be really fun for a picnic!


After Januik we headed down to the Hollywood District (check out the map below!) which has a lot of tasting rooms that you can easily walk between. After a few stops, we went to Airfield Estates which had some amazing $15 bottle whites - can't beat that! We also got a cheese plate to share since drinking without food isn't a great idea.  


Overall it was such a fun way to celebrate my Dad and spend almost a full day exploring great wines! Whether you're a Seattle native or visiting, Woodinville is a great way to get out of the city while bonding over food and wine! Here's the map of all of the wineries - there are way more than you could explore in a single day! 

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about making a day out of Woodinville, or what your favorite stops are there (I'd love to hear for my next visit)!