SoulCycle Bellevue

It's finally here! Since first trying SoulCycle at a pop up shop in Park City for Sundance, I've been waiting for it to come to Seattle! I frequent FlyWheel a decent amount, but I love that SoulCycle doesn't use metrics to keep up throughout class, and instead uses the music's beat for the group to get in sync. I find this less distracting than focusing on if I'm within the right range. By vibing with the music, the Soul Instructor is able to make sure the entire class is working unison, 

Another thing I love about SoulCycle is that it incorporates pushups and tap backs more throughout class, making it truly a full-body workout. My abs always surprise me when they're so sore after a spin class!

I signed up for the 7:30 am class on Friday, January 20th - SoulCycle BLVU's opening day! There was a high energy in the studio, with extra staff on hand to help show people the studio and introduce them to SoulCycle if it was their first ride. Everyone was very welcoming and so excited to finally be open! I took class with Britt, who had relocated from the East coast to help open the studio. The 45 minutes flew by, and I left class being even more excited for my next ride!