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My Haircare Routine

I’ve struggled with finding the perfect routine for my hair for years. I have very fine, straight hair that I highlight, so it takes work to keep it healthy and make it hold a style. I’ve outlined my entire hair care routine in this post, to share what’s worked for me after years of tweaking and trying.

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Products I Love From Birchbox + Sephora Play!

Subscription boxes may have passed the peak of their craze, but I loved them to find new products, try new trends and even get some of my favorite products in travel size. I've subscribed to Birchbox since probably 2014 and Sephora Play! since it first came out. Many of the products are honestly just sitting in my drawers, but some of them are new holy grail products that have introduced themselves into my daily skincare and makeup routines. Instead of committing to years of product exploration, here are all of the best finds! 

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Where to get a Mani/Pedi in Seattle

It's hard to go a few blocks in Seattle without spotting a nail salon. I've broken down my favorites to save you a few trips! Doing my own nails at home never looks as good - how are you supposed to paint your dominant hand?! This question has stumped me since youth. 

Getting my nails done is definitely a treat, and I love getting both a mani and pedi, mostly for the massage chair! I go with shellac on my fingers since it doesn't chip and generally has a more consistent look while they're on. My nails do grow quickly, so shellac grows out in about a week and a half for me. 

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Glowing Vacation Skin

One thing Seattle certainly doesn’t have is humidity. The warm, humid air of Isla Mujeres helps keep your skin hydrated and dewy (when it’s not sweaty). I’ll be doing a series of posts on my recent trip to Isla, which is a small island off of Cancun, Mexico. My boyfriend Brian and I went for five days with another couple, one of whose dad has a place there. This was my third time to the island, and each time the reality of it always outshines my memories. Over the next few posts, I’ll be giving outfit suggestions and recommendations for the island, so stay tuned!

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