Where to Workout in Seattle with ClassPass

The other day I hit 280 taken classes on ClassPass! It's an arbitrary number, but it represents the past few years of working out regularly and finding new fitness interests. I'm here to share my favorite studios and classes to take around Seattle. I also love taking classes when I travel, so comment below if you'd like to see a post about my favorite spots in other cities (that aren't offered here in Seattle)! 

Let's get started!

This adorable yoga mat is from  La Vie Boheme Yoga

This adorable yoga mat is from La Vie Boheme Yoga


I got into Pilates about a year ago when a few friends who are also on ClassPass brought me to a class. At the time I had no idea what to expect, and was pleasantly surprised. The reformer (Pilates machine) is a big difference from the barre exercises I was use to, so I had fun moving, pushing, pulling and lunging on the machine, and it was a killer workout!

Pilates was a great addition to my routine, and I view Pilates & barre as interchangeable as far as the type of workout. If I want a toning, muscle building workout that’s challenging, but doesn’t leave me drenched in sweat, I go for Pilates or barre. Check out the later sections for the classes that do!


Photo from Inspire

Photo from Inspire


Locations: Ballard, Queen Anne, West Seattle

Favorite Class: LAGREE Total Body

Favorite Instructors: Ari Bennett & Devin Falk (also teaches at Mega Max)

Inspire practices the Lagree style of Pilates, which is more high intensity, challenging moves, and little breaks. It’s definitely hard, but fun! Classes are 40 minutes, which makes the class go by quickly and keep me motivated instead of getting too tired. Their locations have recently been remodeled which are really nice! They also have later class times, so it’s easy to find a class even on short notice. ClassPass can be challenging for that, so Inspire makes it easy to get your sweat on!


Photo from Bodycenter Studios

Photo from Bodycenter Studios

Update - LUFT has closed and Seattle Pilates Collective has moved into this space


Locations: Greenlake

Favorite Class: Tone + Stretch

Favorite Instructors: Viviane Veraguth & Aimee Meisgeier

Luft is reformer Pilates and recently moved to a beautiful, modern studio by Green Lake. Unlike Inspire which has a long row of machines, Luft only has six machines, so the classes are intimate with extremely personable instructors. Viviane is the owner and frequently teaches class. She's beyond the sweetest and always gives you a good workout intermixed with active stretching so you leave feeling amazing.  


Photo from Yelp

Photo from Yelp

Studio 45

Locations: U-Vill

Favorite Class: Mega Max

Favorite Instructors: Ale Madera & Crystal Schue

Similar to Inspire, Studio 45 is Lagree Pilates that'll have your legs and glutes shaking! They have free parking, which is hard to come by, making it easy to fit this class into your busy day. I've taken their beginner Lagree class which is a great way to perfect your form, especially if you're just getting into Pilates!



Barre is what got me into studio fitness classes thanks to coworkers in my first job out of college (shoutout Liz & Allison!). It's fun, toning and you can see results quickly, which boosts your confidence. There are mary variations of barre, and honestly each studio and even instructor can do things so differently, you never quite know what you're going to expect. 

Typical barre classes will focus on your upper body, legs, glutes and abs. This breaks up the 45 minutes or hour nicely, so you work a muscle group to fatigue but not too long where you can't walk the next day. If you go consistently, it doesn't take long to see a slimmer waist and more strength! Picking up that heavier set of weights in class is empowering!

Photo from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

The Bar Method

Locations: South Lake Union, Redmond

Favorite Class: Mixed Level

Favorite Instructors: Erika Graef & Travis Roderick

Bar Method is my original love. They were the first barre studio I really ever went to, having first been introduced with one of their 6-weeks for $75 which is a deal you really can't find elsewhere. They got me hooked on 'boutique' fitness and though I've ventured outside of barre more recently, Bar Method is always in my ClassPass favorites. They have a consistent tempo to class, so once you go a few times, you'll feel like a champ. Instructors also make a point of knowing everyone's name, so you feel a sense of community. 


Photo from ClassPass

Photo from ClassPass


Locations: South Lake Union, Bellevue

Favorite Class: FlyBarre 45

Favorite Instructor: Heather Toda & Natalie Allen

If you're looking for a high-intensity barre class, is this the one for you! FlyBarre is very fast paced, keeping your heart rate high as you move quickly between exercises. They really target your muscle groups, so you feel sore and worked - which is what causes change! Their Sport classes are honestly a bit too intense for me, so I like sticking with FlyBarre 45 so I can feel powerful throughout the whole class. I can definitely do 60, but get really tired at the end. They also have a great stretch class that they sometimes offer which is slightly slower paced if you want to ease into it!


Photo from Seattle Greenlaker

Photo from Seattle Greenlaker

Pure Barre

Locations: Capitol Hill, Greenlake, Queen Anne, Bellevue, Redmond, University

Favorite Class: Pure Barre Class

Favorite Instructor: Leigha Dale

Pure Barre is most similar to Bar Method. Both have a consistent rhythm of class, and I find that Pure Barre can be a bit more fatiguing than Bar Method as they work a bit fewer groups, but more intensely. These classes don't typically have fans, so they can get a little hot, increasing sweat levels! Just like Bar Method, if you go 3x/week or something consistent, you'll feel and see results quickly!


Photo from Barre3 Blog

Photo from Barre3 Blog


Locations: Roosevelt, Bellevue, Capitol Hill, Issaquah Highlands, Kirkland, Mill Creek (& Ballard which isn't on ClassPass)

Favorite Class: barre3

Favorite Instructor: Crystal Schue & Kristen Nelsen

A more rhythmic, stretching form of barre, Barre3 is always a rejuvenating workout! They focus heavily on breathing, and working multiple muscle groups at once, so you truly get a full body workout. If I'm not fully in the mood (let's be honest, who always loves to go workout), I like heading to Barre3 since it's a very non-judgemental zone, so you always have an option to modify an exercise to fit your needs, whether it be more for stretching, or to amp it up!



Cardio has never been my workout of choice. I normally try to throw in one or two cardio session a week if I'm trying to get in a good routine. If I had my choice, I'd always stick with Pilates or barre, but know how good cardio is for you. Since it's not my favorite, I have two ClassPass studios that I do love and consistently go to if I'm in the mood for a sweat!


Photo from Gilt City

Photo from Gilt City


Locations: South Lake Union, Bellevue

Favorite Class: Fly 45

A good 'ole spin class! FlyWheel is a powerful class set to music, where you'll increase resistance or lower resistance for speed. Near the end of class, you'll take an arm break where you'll do some shoulder and bicep/tricep work which, though hard, is a nice breather for your legs. It may just be that I don't love cardio, but I find this (and SoulCycle), tough, so I really have to motivate myself to get there. Once there though, I never regret it and always feel stronger!


Image from ClassPass

Image from ClassPass


Locations: Kirkland, Capitol Hill

Favorite Class: MashUp (only available in Kirkland)

MashUp is the most unique cardio class I've been to! There are music videos playing while in a dark room, so you really get transported outside of a gym. You'll do a few songs spinning on the bike and then switch between the bike and other equipment such as a treadmill or hand cranks. The class is intense, but since you're moving so often, it goes by fast and really works a variety of muscle groups.

 A must after Bassline is a trip to Healthy Bonez in Totem Lake! This is honestly one of the reasons I make the drive to Kirkland. Check out my blog post all about their amazing dragon fruit bowls!


I also love SoulCycle Bellevue! I was able to go to class the first day it opened which was fun and so full of excitement! Read the post here. I've beens since and it's my preference for spin, but unfortunately they're not on ClassPass. 


Hot yoga is always a full-body, detoxing workout for me! With only 10 classes per month on ClassPass, I don't make it to yoga often since I'll prioritize Pilates, barre & cardio over it. That's just my preference! There are so many yoga studios on ClassPass, so if this is more your speed, there are different types and styles for you to try!

Photo from Inc.com

Photo from Inc.com

CorePower Yoga

Locations: Ballard, Greenwood, Queen Anne, University District

Favorite Class: YS - Yoga Sculpt

All of CorePower's classes have nice flow, and with their hot rooms, you quickly become flexible, really getting into the poses. Yoga Sculpt is my favorite class since it incorporates weights, leaving your muscles feeling worked in addition to the full body movements. Definitely drink lots of water throughout the day before class and I love brining a towel over my mat and a small one to wipe off the excessive sweat.

The yoga mat pictured throughout this post is from La Vie Boheme Yoga.

Do you currently use ClassPass either here in Seattle or in your city? Comment below with your favorite studios!

Happy Sweating!