Reformer Pilates in Seattle


Ahh, one of my favorite topics! Pilates! As you likely know, Pilates is one of my favorite ways to exercise (check out my other favorites here and spin!) and I particularly love reformer Pilates since it's a bit less grueling, is fun to lie down, and always challenges a new muscle.

Reformer Pilates uses a "carriage" aka machine with springs on it to work your body against tension, targeting major muscle groups including legs, glutes, arms and core. The machine can make classes seem intimidating, but once you've taken your first class, it all makes a lot more sense! 

One of my favorite Pilates studios by Greenlake closed down a few months ago, but I then heard a new studio was opening up in the same space - Seattle Pilates Collective. Since I had loved the other studio, I knew I wanted to visit! Over a week, I took a Reformer and two Power classes, which was a great way to get introduced to the studio. 


Their Reformer class is a great intro if you're new to Pilates since they're thorough in helping you get set up into each position and stick to the basics of using the machine.

If you're more of a regular, the Power class is for you! I love this one as it's a little more advance, helps work your entire body and is a bit quicker paced than the Reformer class. 

I haven't taken their others yet, but they also have Jump and Mat classes that would be great to try! 


I've gone to quite a few Pilates studios in Seattle and I love the modern Balanced Body machines they have for this type of Pilates. They're easy to use (and also look adorable for photos)! 

Seattle Pilates Collective's group class space is by Greenlake but they also have a studio in Ballard for private sessions. 


Have you taken Reformer Pilates before? Comment below with some of your favorite moves or what you love about it! I'd love to hear!