Getting Pampered in Seattle


This past weekend we attended the most beautiful wedding of two of our friends down in Malibu, CA. Since it was both an extended weekend trip and special event, I wanted to get dolled up! The weekend before we left, I booked three appointments to get pampered: hair, nails and lashes. I brought you along on my Instagram Stories for the fun few days! Here is a quick post recapping what I asked for and services I received.





First off, I headed to Gene Juarez in University Village for a partial balayage and haircut. I already have blonde hair, so it's easy to lighten my hair, and the gloss they use lasts for around 6-8 weeks before it gets brassy. I've never found a die-hard hair dresser, so I always bounce around based on who's available rather than to see a certain person. Hair cuts here tend to be pretty quick and sometimes lackluster, so if you have a spot you love, I wouldn't recommend spending top dollar here since they can be pretty average.

In between colors, I typically go two days without washing, and alternating between Living Proof shampoo/conditioner and John Frieda's Color Renewing Tone Correcting Shampoo




Next was nails! I love getting shellac since it doesn't chip, and I knew I wanted to get some nail art to spice things up for the wedding! I saw one of my favorite bloggers, Thrifts and Threads' nails from Olive & June in LA and fell in love with her floral pattern. 

Having seen Urban Nail Box on another local Seattle blogger, Hot Dress Hot Mess' blog, I wanted to check it out! Urban Nail Box is a private nail salon in Ballard, founded by a woman Rachel who did an amazing job! Anytime I can support other business women, it's a win in my book!

Before the appointment, I had reached out to Rachel to make sure she could do the style I was hoping for, and indeed, she did such beautiful work creating a similar, but more simple floral pattern only on two fingers of each hand, which I think looked better and less overwhelming. Take a look for yourself below, and check her out! She also provides 20% off to first-time clients, so can't beat that!



Last but not least was eyelash extensions! I didn't take any pictures, but went to see Odette at Skyn Spa in Pioneer Square to get a full set of lash extensions. I'd never had them before, so was excited to try them, as was recommended again by another local Seattle blogger, Sort of Style!

The application took an hour and I asked for natural, but noticeable lashes! I didn't want them to be too aggressive, but still wanted a little something extra for the wedding! I think they turned out well, and it's been great not having to wear a ton of eye makeup! The one downside has been it's more challenging to wash my face, since you have to avoid the lash area with some products. Nothing too major, but definitely a down side. 


Have you had lash extensions before or want to learn more about them? Comment below if you want to see another post all about them!

Stay tuned for my next post, Travel With Me - Malibu with final pics of my hair, lashes etc coming soon!