My Haircare Routine


I’ve struggled with finding the perfect routine for my hair for years. I have very fine, straight hair that I highlight, so it takes work to keep it healthy and make it hold a style. I’ve outlined my entire hair care routine in this post, to share what’s worked for me after years of tweaking and trying. Click through the products below to shop my favorites, and leave me a comment below with any questions about your own routine!

Hair health starts from the inside. In addition to trying to eat my greens, I’ve started incorporating biotin and other “beauty” vitamins into my daily routine. My two favorites are Hum Nutrition Red Carpet and Olly Undeniable Beauty which I switch off between, and I’ve noticed stronger nails and quick hair growth which is great!


In The Shower

Starting off with my shower routine, I wash my hair every other day or more to keep my oil production lower. I’ll rotate between an exfoliating shampoo for my scalp and purple shampoo for my highlights. The two exfoliating scrubs I’ve found and love are Briogeo Scalp Revival and Christophe Robin Sea Salt Scrub. Both smell amazing and are a great detoxer for your scalp. I love the Not Your Mother’s Blonde Treatment Shampoo (and their conditioner) to keep brassiness away between toning. I recently received a new one to try from Seven Salon in Bellevue that also works wonders. Every few washes, I use the Living Proof Restore Mask to deeply condition my ends.


Pre-Blow Dry

While my hair is still damp, I use a few products to try to lock in moisture and help volumize! My hair is dreadfully flat, so it needs all the help it can get! I add the Living Proof Leave-In Conditioner and Marajo Blow Out Styling Creme both just to the ends. I then spray the R+Co Dallas Thickening Spray all over, focusing more on the roots. I can drastically tell a difference after using this thickening spray, and helps set up my hair for holding a curl!



When my hair is dry, these are the products I love to style with! Ouai Volumizing Hair Spray and Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray help provide volume and hold for my hair. I try to use a light mist as I don’t want my hair to look too gritty. I’ll sometimes use a dash of the Herbivore Sea Mist for an extra grit, but my hair loses its hold quickly, so I don’t go overboard.

To go longer in between washes, I love to use dry shampoo! My favorite drugstore brand is Dove and Ouai carries my favorite higher end option. I go through it so quickly that it’s one of my hair items that I prefer to get at the drugstore.



On any normal day when I’m not in a rush, I’ll try to air dry my hair. I try to limit my heat exposure. If I do blow dry, I’ll try to let it air dry as long as I can and then use the dryer at the end. DryBar has a travel sized hair dryer that is amazing and is perfect if you’re on the go as well! I love Hot Tools curling irons, and typically wrap my hair around the barrel, keeping the clamp open like a wand. Let me know if you’d be interested in seeing a tutorial by leaving me a comment below!

What are your favorite hair products that I should try? Leave me a comment here or on Instagram @KelseyThisYear! I’d love to hear!

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