The Best of Summer's Blue Stripes

As if one wasn't enough, I rounded up my favorite blue striped tops and rompers you've seen on my Instagram @KelseyThisYear throughout the summer! Though they may appear the same, each has unique traits that I love about it, and gives off unique, fun vibes for any summer occasion. Keep reading to check out what drew me to them! 


Trend 1 | Off the Shoulder

Here is my most recent addition - an off-the-shoulder top from Tobi. With small ruffles around the top, and poufy three-quarter length sleeves, this crop is flowy and fun for drink with friends. Not intending to reveal my midriff, I paired it with a high waisted jean skirt so the shorter length looks intentional. 


Below is the more polished version of an off-the-shoulder, better for a casual office or brunch with the family. Sitting a bit higher on my shoulders, it's easier to fall down, but is longer so can be more versitile with whatever bottoms you want. 


Trend 2 | RomperS

Ah - my favorite! Rompers can be spotted throughout my blog, and I love the simplicity of only putting on one piece in the morning. It makes putting together an outfit that much easier!

On the left, is an off-the-shoulder dark navy romper that's made out of a synthetic fabric, which isn't the highest quality but is easy to wear in the summer heat. On the right is a newer plunging v-neck romper that is more fitted shape and can transition between day to night easily with the long sleeves. Both are go-tos for me during summer and especailly on vacation! 


Trend 3 | Ruffles + Bows

Last but definitely not least are ruffles! Adding fringe to a classic blue striped top can make it more flirty and feminine. I paired both tops with Levis jeans so you can truly compare the two styles. Both of these shoes are also Steve Madden, so another example of how a nude shoe can switch up the look. Both of these ruffly tops are great for the office and can take you off the clock to the weekend!


My summer obsession is fully visible in the post! I'm always on the hunt for new tops, so comment below if you have any favorites to share!