Everything You Need to Know About Rent the Runway Unlimited


Shopping has always been a hobby of mine! Growing up, I would love to go to Nordstrom or even thrift stores to scour the racks to find new, cute pieces. While shopping is fun, it can definitely get expensive! 


I first heard about Rent the Runway Unlimited a few years ago when it first came out, and I thought the idea of constantly having new pieces in your wardrobe was brilliant! I never had a persuasive enough reason to try it. In July, I was heading to a friend's wedding in Malibu (read the whole recap here!), so finally thought I would try it to supplement my closet for the weekend events!

Keep reading for how it works, what my experience so far has been, what pieces I've loved the most, AND to take a look inside the New York Rent the Runway Flagship store! Use this link for $30 off your first month!


How It Works

For around $150 a month, you'll be able to pick three pieces to rotate around at any given time. There's no limit on how long you have to keep an item, and once you're done with it - whether it's a day or a month - you send it back and get to pick a new one! There's a huge selection of clothes, purses and jewelry available, and especially tons of outerwear which will be perfect for Fall! 

Your items come in nice, cloth zipped hanging bags and have a pre-addressed card to easily return them. I live in an apartment building, so I simply drop it off to my front desk when I'm ready to return it. Typically shipping is around 2 - 3 days each way (they say 5 - 7, but it's always been quicker for me).


Pieces I Love

To make the cost "worth it," I tend to go for the higher ticket items that I would never normally get. The key pieces I ordered are




You all were loving the above camel purse from Zac Posen - it was a great find on here! Especially with Fall and Winter approaching, renting outerwear is the perfect way to stay stylist without having to spend a ton on coats that will fill your closet. They can get expensive, so I love the idea of rotating them through! The best part if you rent a piece you want to keep is that you can buy it at a discounted price - win, win!


Visiting the NYC Flagship

When I was in New York for Fashion Week (check out my recap!), I stopped into their Flagship! As an unlimited member, you can check in, and browse the entire store to rent - how cool! I was looking for a piece to wear to a blogging event we went to, so it was perfect to browse the dresses and walk out of the store with a designer gown! It's definitely more dress-forward than casual wear, but it's worth the stop if you have an occasion coming up!


Overall, Rent the Runway Unlimited is definitely a splurge, but is a great way to rotate pieces throughout your closet! Have you used it before, or have other questions? Leave me a comment below! You can use this link for $30 off your first month if you are interested in trying it out!