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Sunday Funday at SoulCycle!

My ideal girls party happened! Thirteen of my closest friends and I went to SoulCycle South Lake Union (SLUN) on Sunday to get our sweat on! I've loved going to SoulCycle in Bellevue since it opened early last year, and was thrilled they opened a second location in South Lake Union a few months ago. I live in Seattle, so this easier commute makes it that much simpler to get to class.

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Gift Guide | For The Health-Nut

We all have them... the friend who loves to go to barre or spin, eat smoothie bowls and lives off of kale. I'm definitely guilty of being that friend sometimes! The holidays can get overwhelmingly unhealthy, so root your friend, sibling, or mom on through a health-inspired gift to keep them on the right track! Keep scrolling for items and ideas to delight them under the tree!

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