Travel With Me: Weekend in Vancouver, BC

Cheers! Last week was Brian's birthday, so for his gift, I wanted to get him an experience instead of a thing. It's our other friend Sydney's birthday in a few weeks, so her boyfriend and I surprised her and Brian with a weekend trip to Vancouver! 

As you read about in my New Year's trip to Vancouver, I love popping up to Vancouver since it's such a close way to explore! We took a half day on Friday, loaded the car with snacks, and drove up to the boarder! Brian and Sydney were guessing the whole way about where we were headed, until we got to the boarder guard when the secret was finally revealed. 

We arrived to our downtown Vancouver AirBnB with beautiful views of the city from the 14th floor. A bottle of champagne was popped and we started planning for the weekend, since we only had one plan: Home Street Cafe!  

Friday night we walked around Yaletown and ended up at Hapa Izakaya for sushi, udon some killer ahi guac. 

Saturday morning, we headed over to Medina where we put our name on the list (the wait was an hour and 45 minutes!!), and walked to Gastown for a coffee. After browsing some shops, we got our table at Medina quickly, ready to taste what the hype was all about! 

We shared a Liege style waffle, enjoyed a salted-caramel latte and were all awed by the variety on the menu and how each dish came out tastier than the last. I got La Sante with: 1 Soft Boiled Egg, Marinated Tomato Salad, Olive Tapenade, Avocado, Oyama Charcuterie with Grilled Ciabatta. It was a charcuterie plate for breakfast - yum!

We continued eating our way through Vancouver, heading to Chewies by the harbor after roaming the city for a few hours. There our friends enjoyed oysters and crocodile! Yes - crocodile! So crazy! I stayed a less adventurous path and opted for a salad.  

While roaming through Yaletown, we stumbled upon a Swedish candy shop, Karameller! I had seen a vlog by Janni Deler where they stopped here, so it was random when I saw it across the street! I have a major sweet tooth, so we tried some candies which were all delicious! 

At night, we headed to Homer Street Cafe, which is my favorite restaurant! I love coming to Vancouver with different groups, since introducing my friends and family to Homer St. exceeds expectations each time. I love the atmosphere, food, and of course company, and it's always a great excuse to have a fantastic meal!

After dinner was the craziest of all - Sydney and I got ear piercings! I'd thought about it before, but this was definitely on a whim! We headed to a tattoo and piercing shop on Granville (which can get very sketchy at night), and walked out with new jewelry! It was a random, but memorable way to end the night!

We hit the road early in the morning, especially with Daylight Savings Time, so we made a quick stop for an açai bowl (check out my home made bowls here) at Radicle Juice then came back to Seattle. Overall it was an amazing, food filled weekend, so no complaints! 

This Friday I'm heading off to Berlin, so this week will be filled with packing and planning the next adventure! Comment below with what you'd like to read from my trip to Berlin!