Travel With Me: Vancouver

Why not go to Vancouver!?

That was my thought process when Brian jetted off to Atlanta to watch the Huskies play in the Peach Bowl (Go Dawgs!). I had wanted to go to a bowl game if it involved sun – so Pasadena or Phoenix, but I didn’t have a huge interest in going to the Atlanta game despite it being so exciting for Husky history. So while he was gone for four days, I decided to head to Vancouver for a night with my mom!

Vancouver is about a 2.5 hour drive North of Seattle, making it a quick way to get out of town. My first stop whenever I head toward the border is the Lululemon outlet store in Burlington. As you know, Lululemon rarely has sales, so I always have to stop when I’m in that direction. I metaphorically scored this time! I got the coziest pair of gray Wunder Under Pant *Roll Down* ($74), red Sculpt Tank ($34) and black Get Low SS ($24). I’m wearing these pants while typing this, and they are the softest! If there’s not an outlet close to you, I definitely recommend Lulu’s We Made Too Much part of their site for deals!

After that stop, it’s off to the border! If you don’t have Nexus – get it! I have Global Entry, which includes Nexus, and it’s been a worthwhile purchase if you’re a traveler. 

I typically stop at Granville Island on my way out of town, but this time I thought it would be a great stop into town to get a coffee and walk around the quaint shops first. Even though Seattle has Pike Place Market (Seattle native pet peeve call out: it’s pronounced Pike, not Pikes), I love that Granville Island’s Public Market is indoors! All of the fresh flowers, fruit and baked goods are so fragrant no matter the time of year. I grabbed an almond milk latte, and spent about an hour roaming between stalls and shops around the market. I somehow always find myself drawn into stationary and book stores, though I rarely buy anything.

Next, we headed to our hotel! We checked into The Westin Bayshore and got upgraded since most rooms were full due to a convention. I was truly questioning who has a convention over NYE, but don’t actually mind since it got me a better room! Thank you! We have a beautiful view of Vancouver’s waterfront and harbor, and their outdoor pool is making me want to come back in the summer!

Following a quick freshening up, we cabbed it over to Robson street for a bit of shopping then headed to my absolute favorite restaurant in Vancouver: Homer St Café and Bar. I was almost embarrassed when I was trying to remember how many times I’ve eaten here, and it’s been four times in probably the past two years! I think it’s starting to be a warning sign if I’m planning weekend trips around roast chicken!

I got the baked ricotta gnudi, swiss chard, tomato, parmesan with a side of charred broccolini, lemon, gremolata. My mom got a quarter serving of chicken served with coleslaw, roasted potatoes & chicken jus with a side of sautéed mushrooms, fried sage and shallots. Yum!

In the past, someone in my party normally gets the chicken. Other things I remember getting have been: 

  • fried chickpea dip and vegetable crisps
  • crispy fish balls, lemon chilli aioli
  • a mix of their cheese & charcuterie
  • grilled beef steak, potato pave, broccolini, mustard jus
Photo by Drybar

Photo by Drybar

On our second day, New Years Eve, we had to get up and check out to make a 10 am Drybar appointment! I can't tell you how excited I was for this! We don't have a Drybar in Seattle, and I've never had the opportunity to go when I'm traveling. I got the Mai Tai and loved getting pampered for NYE! 

We headed out to get brunch and the line at Medina Cafe was over an hour, so we cut our losses and went back to the hotel for your average brunch. Then we hit the road, stopped by Duty Free to get more champagne for my NYE party, and listened to the Huskies lose to Alabama on the radio. 

I'm now all set up to have some friends over to celebrate NYE and will miss a New Years kiss this year since Brian's in Atlanta. 

Happy New Years to you! 


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