On-the-Go Smoothies

I bought something off Instagram! I love trying subscription boxes and the new delivery start-ups, so I was a total sucker when I saw an ad for Daily Harvest on Instagram in early December. 

Brian and I were doing a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box that delivered organic, local vegetables to us every week, so I thought this would be a great addition to my daily routine, where I could have a smoothie in the morning, and veggies throughout the day. The moral of this, is that I generally try to avoid going to the grocery store as much as possible. 

There was a good deal to sign up for Daily Harvest, so I made the purchase! They also sell soups, but I haven't tried those yet. Their structure is to either buy 6 smoothies/soups weekly at a $7.99/ea price point; 12 weekly at $7.49/ea or 24 monthly at $6.99/ea. I personally don't have enough freezer space to store a delivery of 24, so I opted for the weekly option and have been skipping every other week's delivery, so I essentially get 6 smoothies every two weeks, and this seems like a good cadence for me. Here is a link to my referral code if you are interested in testing it out - this would reduce the cost of two smoothies/soups off of your first order. Not a huge savings, but something! 

Keep reading for my favorite flavors so far and how I make them!

Currently, Daily Harvest offers 13 smoothie combos and 4 soups. For my first order, I stuck with the sampler that they recommend. From that, I absolutely loved the mint + cocoa smoothie which actually tasted like mint chocolate chip ice cream! I also learned that I didn't like the ones with ginger. I've never been a big ginger fan, so this was a bit disappointing because I was excited for some of the smoothies, such as blueberry + hemp, but didn't end up liking them for that reason. If you do like ginger, you'll probably have a different opinion! From the four deliveries I've had, here is my favorite order combo:

Screenshot of my favorite order combo

Screenshot of my favorite order combo

This morning, I decided to have the strawberry + peach smoothie, which I really like. It has oats in it, which is a unique flavor I'd never think to add into a smoothie I was hand-making. 

As you can probably tell from my Homemade Açaí Bowls post, I have a sweet tooth, so I love this berry-filled one. Here's how to make them:

They recommend a liquid base to use, typically coconut water or almond milk for creamier smoothies. For this one, I added coconut water, filling the cup. Then, dump the cup contents into a blender. Once blended, you can pour it back into the cup and they provide a lid with a straw hole. Simply add a straw, and you're ready to head out with your smoothie! During the week, I actually bring the frozen cup to work, and use a blender at work to make it. Since I'm home today, I poured mine into a glass. 

Overall, I've really enjoyed the convenience and variety of the smoothies. It helps me try new flavors, and especially when I'm at work, helps me hydrate and eat clean when I have other priorities to focus on.

Please comment below with your favorite flavors or if you'd like to see more clean-eating posts! Here is my referral code again if you want to try some of your own! I've been so excited about the initial reaction from friends about this blog, and can't wait to keep it up! Follow me on Instagram @kelseythisyear to stay updated when new posts come out, and to let me know what you're interested in reading here!