Back to the Daily Grind

Just as quickly as it started it seems, holiday break is over! Back to commutes, meetings and a mailbox full of emails. Luckily for me I love meetings (actually), so after a week off, I was ready to kickstart a new year of work. In mid-December, I earned a promotion, so I especially had exciting things to come back to in this new year!

I am saying 'earned' intentionally because there is extensive evidence that women in particular downplay their successes. This was a huge accomplishment for me, one that I developed toward for quite a while, prepared for, and ultimately earned! I'm very proud of this, and encourage everyone, and especially women, to celebrate and acknowledge hard work - you deserve to! 

Despite just having a new role to come back to, here are some of the ways I'm maximizing this post-holiday week back at work! 

Re-engage w/ Current Events |

My main form of news is listening to NPR on my morning and evening commutes. Since I don't listen to NPR any other time in the car, I can miss out on daily happenings when I'm not working for an extended period of time. Though this can be nice to disconnect sometimes, jumping back into work and reality can be helped by tuning back in, and learning what's happening in your area and the world. 

Schedule Intentions to Become Reality |

New workout routine? New cleanse? Whatever your New Year's Resolution is, the only way you can make it a reality is by planning it into your schedule. Add your Pilates class to your calendar or create a new calendar to jot down meal planning in Google Calendar. I live by my Google Calendar and although I don't have a specific resolution this year, I knew after all of the holiday fudge I ate, that I wanted to schedule regular workout classes. By planning my weeks out in advance, I can know how many times I'm going to work out, or dates that I'm going to be eating out so should eat lighter at other meals. By pre-planning your personal wellbeing, it'll help you know if you need to head to the gym in between meetings or if you need to get a bigger water bottle to keep at your desk. By scheduling things out, it makes it much easier to see the broader picture to achieve your longer term goals. 

Goal Settings |

Which brings up to goal setting! You probably did it this year for your personal life, so why not your work life!? There are so many resources available for goal setting, so I'll let you find the tool you prefer, but leverage this to set your 2017 goals for the work you want to do, what you want to be known for, and what you want to achieve career-wise this year. 

I hope you have a great rest of your week back at work! Comment below with some of your favorite ways to jumpstart work after being out!