Budget-Friendly Holiday Style Tips from Seattle's Fashion Bloggers

It's that time of year again! The holidays are upon us, meaning countless parties, events and occasions to celebrate with friends and family. This time of year can be expensive, so I've brought together my favorite Seattle fashion bloggers to share their tips for how to stay stylish this season without spending a ton of money! 

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"For holiday parties, you don't need to splurge on a new dress. I like to take brighter dresses from summer or fall, and just pair it with sparkly jewelry. Statement earrings or a chunky necklace,  plus a bold red lipstick will add a lot! And then layer up with a cardigan and warm tights, and you're good to go! And you get more wear out of your wardrobe year-round this way."






"There are so many parties to attend around the holidays and I want to use each as an excuse to buy a new outfit. And while I can dream about my holiday outfit montage scene, the reality is I can't buy a brand new outfit for every get together. I found I can stretch my budget and outfits by finding 1-2 dresses, skirts, or pants that I can wear all holiday season and then buy different accessories or shoes to customize the look. That way, I still get to wear new outfits without totally blowing my budget."





"I am never ready to stop wearing my Spring and Summer dresses, so why should I?! My favorite way to transition into the holiday season is by swapping my strappy sandals for some ankle booties. A simple black pair of booties help take almost any favorite summer dress right into the holiday season!"

-Shaylyn Rae




"I love adding a little peppermint oil to any lipgloss or chapstick I use. It give your lips a nice plumping boost, plus who doesn’t love peppermint around the holidays??"

-Morgan Lillian




"My favorite holiday tip would be to finish shopping by the first week of December. I try to finish making a Christmas list in October so I can use the entire month of November to shop. Shopping earlier helps me get the best bang for my buck and enables me to enjoy December without the holiday stress."

- Ribicca




"One of my favorite style hacks in the winter is layering a stylish pair of socks with open-toed shoes. Not only is this trend fashionable and easy but it is also a great way to get some use out of your open-toed shoes that you normally wouldn't wear during the colder months!"

- Allison




"Add some fun and step out of your comfort zone this holiday season. Seek a statement piece you already own – maybe one you typically wouldn’t normally wear. A statement jacket, a showy piece of jewelry or for your Mr., a bold tie."





"We share gifts with friends this time of year, so why not share their closets?! With so many events, I love to borrow clothes and dresses from friends to continuously have something new to wear, without the big price tag! Who doesn't love to raid a friends closet? Just make sure to offer your stuff in return!" 

-me, Kelsey!




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