Create + Cultivate Los Angeles


Conferences can always be a whirlwind of learning and networking. That's exactly what Create + Cultivate's recent conference in Los Angeles was, just throw in some bright Instagram-worthy walls, massive influencers, and on-trend brand booths. If you're not familiar with it, Create + Cultivate "is a movement for women looking to create & cultivate the career of their dreams." I was first introduced to them when they hosted a conference in Seattle but wasn't able to attend. Their next large scale conference was then announced for LA with Lauren Conrad as a keynote speaker, so I jumped on the chance and luckily got tickets before they quickly sold out as other speakers were added. 

Whether you're planning on going to a future C+C conference, or just want the rundown of this event, I've structured this post into four sections:


The Look • The Women • The Space • The Aftermath


Scroll through to check out my full experience there, and make it to the end for my big takeaways! To get started, check out this overview Create & Cultivate posted on their Instagram! It's a great highlights reel of the event to get oriented! Can you spot me and Allison of West Coast Aesthetic!?


The Look


For the big event, I wanted to find a bright look that would really pop against any of the backdrops they had. After having looked at their previous conferences, it seemed like bright colors stood out the most in photos. I was originally looking for a monochrome look, but when I cam across this Leith eyelet jumpsuit from Nordstrom I fell it love! I thought the white eyelet look would be perfect for the event, and an even better piece to have in my close the rest of the summer! I added blue suede mules, my David Yurman bangle and black hoop earrings.


The Women


The most powerful part of the conference to me was the stacked lineup of female bosses! So many power houses were there to speak, which made each and every talk interesting and insightful. As a blogger attending the event, I felt like so much of it was geared toward me. If attendees were attending from the brand side, I'm not sure if they'd have the exact same experience, but I certainly loved the track I was in!


Use the arrows below to check out all of the speakers we heard from! Some of my favorites include:

Marianna Hewitt • Aimee Song (Song of Style) • Lauren Conrad • Julia Engel (Gal Meets Glam)Jacey Duprie (Damsel in Dior) • Brittany Xavier (Thrifts and Threads) • Kim Kardashian West • Chrissy Teigen • Louise Roe

Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West


The Space


Create + Cultivate took over an event space in LA's Fashion District. With one main stage, a second smaller stage, and tons of indoor/outdoor space for pop up shops and food, it was a vibrant place for the conference! Sponsor booths were designed with Instagram in mind, so there were tons of awesome background pics to be had. Take a look at some of my favorite spots of the venue!


The Aftermath


The main highlight was for sure simply being in the same place as so many talented, creative, driven women. From each attendee to speaker, everyone was there on their own time to learn, improve, grow and be inspired. Being in that type of environment is empowering. 

After copious notes throughout the sessions, I came away from the day with five key lessons to share back. None of them are revolutionary, but there's important to be reminded of from time to time:


1. Be a fUcking pleasure to work with

People will want to work with good people. Be professional, respectful and enjoyable to be around. If people like working with you, they'll probably want to again.


2. Be Yourself

The most cliche thing to say, but we are all unique. Even if you're doing something that's been done before, find what about you doing it makes it unique - that's your competitive advantage.


3. Aspirational vs Reality

Know what imagery you're putting out. Is it aspirational or is it reality? Be sure to infuse 'real life' through Instagram Stories, or other ways for people to connect with you on the real level, not just aspirational level.


4. Work Hard, Don't be Lazy

Words that Kim K. lives by, don't be lazy. Success comes to those who work for it. Whether you're laying the groundwork for something or actually doing it, work hard.


5. Just Do It

Don't overthink. You can plan all day long, but at some point, rip the bandaid off and do something. Launch and iterate quickly. In this day and age, being able to work quickly with agility is what will put you ahead.


I hope you enjoyed this recap! Leave me any follow up questions in the comments below! I hop this post has inspired you in some way!

To sign off, can you spot me in Brittany Xavier's recap video on the left?!