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Interview Like an Executive

I dove into interviewing tips in my recent article on LinkedIn: Interview Like an Executive

Working for Starbucks has been an amazing opportunity for me to grow, develop, try new things and meet amazing people. In my previous role there, I worked with all of our executive-level candidates which is vice president and above. In this article, I share what areas executives would focus on to excel in their interviews - check it out!

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Back to the Daily Grind

Just as quickly as it started it seems, holiday break is over! Back to commutes, meetings and a mailbox full of emails. Luckily for me I love meetings (actually), so after a week off, I was ready to kickstart a new year of work. In mid-December, I earned a promotion, so I especially had exciting things to come back to in this new year!

I am saying 'earned' intentionally because there is extensive evidence that women in particular downplay their successes. This was a huge accomplishment for me, one that I developed toward for quite a while, prepared for, and ultimately earned! I'm very proud of this, and encourage everyone, and especially women, to celebrate and acknowledge hard work - you deserve to! 

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