Travel With Me: Houseboating


Each August, my boyfriend Brian's family heads to Eastern Washington to go houseboating for a week at Lake Roosevelt! It's a week filled with water sports, great company and probably a bit too much snacking! But that's what vacation is for - right?

Here is a photo diary of the trip, scroll through and at the end you'll find some additional details about houseboating trips if you're planning one!


Photos throughout this post are by me and Christy Helmbrecht Photography


Lake Roosevelt Details


Lake Roosevelt is around a 5 hour drive from Seattle. We rent the boat from Lake Roosevelt Adventures from Seven Bays Marina.

Our captain has been driving houseboats every year for about 20 years, so he has it pretty down. If you're new to houseboating, they give you a lesson and help drive you around, but I highly recommend having a captain who will pay attention (and stay mostly-sober) while driving since if weather gets bad, things could get dicey. 

For food and supplies, we do a big Costco run before. There are some quick-mart type stores you could stop at while you're on the boat, but generally you'll want to bring anything on board that you'll need. There is normally a fridge, stove, oven, etc in the kitchen for cooking. We bring additional coolers to hold drinks and beer, to save fridge space for veggies!

 For packing, I typically pack 3-4 bathing suits, lots of shorts and cover ups, PJs, and one sweatshirt or puffy jacket. It can sometimes get cold at night, but generally we'll be moving into the houseboat when it gets dark.

Lake Roosevelt is here in Washington, if you're looking for another location, Lake Powell in Arizona or Lake Shushwap in BC Canada are other popular destinations!


Comment below if you have any questions about houseboating that I can help answer!