Cherry Blossoms and Spring Outfit Staples


Every year a pilgrimage heads to The Quad at the University of Washington to see the rows of cherry blossom trees in bloom. As a Seattleite and UW alum, I honestly have taken the cherry blossoms for granted, as a consistent sign that spring has arrived. The Quad in bloom is beautiful and I'm glad it's become such an icon of the area where locals and visitors alike and come to celebrate the new season. 

After fighting our way through the crowds to get our designated photo patch, my friend Neha and I shot away! White jeans, a basic T and beige accessories are a perfect combo for spring and will be staples throughout the season into summer. Continue through this post for more details on this outfit!

A basic v-neck t-shirt pairs well with jeans, shorts or a skirt and is a great casual addition to any outfit. This one is from Leith!

A cross body bag holds enough for your brunch date with your friends or to even go to a baseball game. I always pick up bags in basic colors so they can transition between outfits seamlessly so you'll get more wear out of them. 

Make sure to feature the same details as the bag for your jewelry! In this case gold with gold. 

White jeans are a must for spring and summer! These are Levis and as with the other pieces in this post, make a great staple purchase!

When the sun goes down in the spring, it gets cooooooold! I love throwing on a denim jacket over any spring outfit to transition it well to the evening. Read my denim jacket guide for spring here! Even though I'm wearing white denim on bottom, as long as you're in a different color on top, I say it's ok to mix denim!  

What other spring trends are you loving? Comment below!