Interview Like an Executive

I dove into interviewing tips in my recent article on LinkedIn: Interview Like an Executive

Working for Starbucks has been an amazing opportunity for me to grow, develop, try new things and meet amazing people. In my previous role there, I worked with all of our executive-level candidates which is vice president and above. In this article, I share what areas executives would focus on to excel in their interviews - check it out!

As an early-in-career professional, I'm looking forward to using this blog platform to share experiences and help other women and men advance their careers. I see no value in keeping successes secretive, so I hope to share candidly about what it takes to develop in the career you're passionate about, as I'm on that journey too!

Read the full article here and follow me on LinkedIn! I'm also one of the voices behind the Starbucks company page on LinkedIn, so check that out too!


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