Travel With Me: Isla Mujeres

Brian and I grabbed an Uber from my work on a rainy Friday to head to SeaTac. We were off for an extended weekend on Isla Mujeres, which is a 5-mile long island off of the coast from Cancun, Mexico.  We had only booked the trip a few weeks before, after two of my friends had come over for dinner, which turned into making vacation plans! We were graciously able to stay with them, so Brian and I jumped on the opportunity for a tropical getaway!

Unlike staying in Cancun, which can be touristy, Isla is a lot slower paced. We stayed in my friend’s house, making it low barrier to entry as far as vacations go. There are still quite a few tourists on the island, but most are there for the day, and my friend’s place is on the opposite end of the island from the ferry and main beach, so it can feel remote at her place.

This was my third time to Isla, so the first day was spent showing Brian the center of town and relaxing by the pool! We had taken a red eye in, which was great to have an extra full day, but it did leave us exhausted! Relaxing pool-side was all we really wanted out of the trip, so we were more than content.

Most visitors get around Isla by golf cart. It’s so fun to zip around the island, with motorcycles or red taxis passing you. There are cocos frios stands everywhere, and plenty of places to pull over by the ocean.

Our friends had gone to Tulum for the night, so once they returned, we went into town to watch the Super Bowl! The main drag of bars on Isla are open air, so you could hear different bar patrons yelling at different times depending on the TV’s cable connection, which made it a festive atmosphere. As we bar hopped, we went from one great plate of guacamole to the next, with a different flavor of frozen mojito or margarita thrown in the mix.

The next morning, a duo came to give us couples massages on the palapas, which for me was a relaxing way to spend the morning. Poor Brian ended up getting pummeled by his masseuse, making his first massage ever a comedic one.  

We spent the rest of the days visiting different beach clubs during the day followed by delectable dinners at night. Beach clubs aren’t the Ibiza types you’re probably thinking, they’re just a private beach space with lounge chairs, an abundance of Corona, and a place to snorkel.

Seattle is so dreary in the winter, that this trip was a much needed break. Island time truly helps slow you down and take a deep breath away from the day to day.

I want to truly thank my friends to let us crash their couples trip – it was beyond amazing! Thank you! Enjoy these beautiful photos, showing our trip!

This is the first my new series: Travel With Me! Where are we off to next? Berlin!

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