5 Last-Minute Tips to Make Holiday Travel Go Smoothly


For all of you traveling this holiday season... good luck!! It can get so hectic at airports this time of year, so here are my 5 tips to help ease your experience to make it fun rather than something you're not looking forward to. Do you always travel for the holidays? Let me know your favorite tips in the comments!


1. Download the airline's app

This seems like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how much easier it is to use your app for your boarding pass and if something did go wrong, many airline apps will let you manage flight changes within the app. Having all of this info in a central place comes in handy when you're stressed out traveling this time of year. I try to fly Alaska so love having all of my account info handy!


2. Pack a carry-on

Avoid the entire mess that is baggage claim by only carrying on! Use any of these adorable suitcases below and know you won't lose any of those Christmas gifts you're bringing with you. The other pro tip? Make sure to ship all of your gifts to your destination, so all you'll really have to pack are outfits.


3. Pre-schedule transportation at your destination

There's nothing worse than waiting in a long taxi line at arrivals or trying to track down your Uber driver. Spend a little extra to book a car service to pick you up at your destination to easily get from the terminal to your final destination - hopefully your family's house! Do a quick google search and find a town car service at almost any destination! 


4. Pack your own food!

Airports can be packed during the holidays, so avoid waiting for a table or in line, and pack your own food! This way, it'll be healthier and save you some time at the airport. Hey, maybe even through in a carry-on cocktail kit for while you're on the plane!


5. Pack an extra bag

You know you'll be bringing presents back with you, so plan ahead and pack an extra bag! I can't travel without my Longchamp Le Pliage Nylon Weekender which is stylish and can be its own carry on for the return trip! This will save you the stress of having to ship gifts home or buying a whole new suitcase. Better yet? Ask for one for Chistmas so you'll get it at your destination! 

Hope you find these tips helpful! Check out my other travel posts here for more tips and destination recommendations! Also if you didn't know, I'm a super nervous flyer, so here are tips for how I manage my flight anxiety. Hope you have a great holiday!